• Mold Light Bar
    Mold Light Bars provide illumination at the molding press to reduce eye strain and increase visibility for operators and repair technicians.
  • Status Tags
    Status Tags magnetically attach to molds and are color-coded for easy identification of mold status at a glance.
  • Synthetic Mold Grease
    Premium synthetic mold grease provides superior lubrication to sliding or moving components within molds and tooling.
  • Toolroom Bench
    The custom-designed Toolroom Bench comes optimized for mold assembly/disassembly and offers a convenient working height, a 3’ x 12’, 5/8” thick, blanchard ground steel work surface, and more.
  • Mold Finish Guide
    Two options of Mold Finish Guides are available from Progressive Components: Molded Plastic Examples and Steel Insert Examples.
  • Rhino Feet & Toes
    Through an alliance with Rhino Products, Progressive offers Rhino Feet to eliminate the hazards associated with placing molds and plates on wood blocks and pallets along with Rhino Toes to support a plate or hot-runner system for bench work.
  • Nozzles, Caddie & Wrench
    Progressive provides the best solution to prevent mold-damaging strings: A patented new machine nozzle tip dramatically reduces solidification time, the root cause of string formation.
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